Learn from the pros whose job is to teach you how to become good with women and to produce a result in you


I’m Ready To Take Action…

With This 1-ON-1 Coaching, you will…

  • Experience instructor level game demonstrated live right in front of you. You will gain a precise understanding of what pickup is supposed to look like, so you can model and replicate it quickly.
  • Finally grasp the subliminal ticks and mental processes that are crippling your chances of success and discover how you can turn those unknown weaknesses into strengths.
  • See how an entire weekend of epic game is constructed, and how each day’s success builds on the next. (This is impossible to grasp from a video or a seminar)

If you have the opportunity, and there are slots available, you should 100% participate in the live 1-on-1 Bootcamp – there is nothing else like it.

This 1-on-1 Bootcamp is the without a doubt, the absolute best way to uncover your personal roadmap to advanced level game and train alongside a seasoned veteran.

Our job is to teach you how to be good with women

This 1-on-1 Bootcamp is a hands-on “How to” program designed to get rid of the guessing and trying. You are going to meet more women in one weekend than most men do in their average lifetime. We’re getting this area of your life handled now. The program is structured in a way that even if you’ve never approached a woman in your entire life, you’ll feel totally comfortable and at ease. We guide you through the process and are at your service 24/7. There is simply no better way for you to learn this stuff.

Most guys that are learning how to be good with women, make a bit of progress in the beginning.

Then some time passes. You realize that although you’ve got all this information, not much has changed.

Seriously, I’ve met thousands of guys who can recite the theory to this stuff as fast as they can give you the addresses to their favorite porn sites.  But I’ve met far fewer guys who actually have the skills to point at the girl they want and get her.


Because while it’s one thing to “get it” in theory – to be able to get a conversation going with a woman and to get her giggling for a minute…

…it’s an entirely different thing to make that actually go somewhere.

For most guys it’s like a math problem – if the teacher puts the example up on the board you can read it and it makes sense…  But when you get the exam, you remember a few rules but you can’t find the right answer. And in school that’s fine – you’ll get partial credit.

But in success with women, it’s useless. You will never end up with the girl you’ve always wanted.

Success with women is binary. You either get the girl or you don’t.

You can’t walk around indefinitely feeling like having a flirt but not getting the girl is an accomplishment. If you keep doing that, you’ll give yourself the excuse never to take things to the next level. You’ll be building a pattern of mental masturbation that you’ll have to unwire.

I’m Ready To Take Action…

Discovering this is definitely going to change your dating life for good.

When you first find out that being good with women can be learned – that there’s actual information about how to do it, there’s this initial excitement.

“It can all be learned.” “It’s just a skill set.” “You can get this area of your life handled, just like any other area.” You read this, and it’s like a weight is lifted off of you.

You realize that you don’t have to kiss up to women anymore and that you don’t have to be a wussy-boy or try to buy their affection. Even more importantly, you realize that you have the choice to get this area of your life handled, and that if you practice you can learn to be good with women just like you can learn to be good at anything else.

A lot of possibilities open up. You look at things a bit differently. You even feel a kind of an edge on all the other guys for knowing about this stuff. I mean, think about it. You can walk into any venue and probably have a better conscious understanding of what’s going on between men and women than any other guy in the entire place.

Isn’t it great?

What are we going to teach you?

  • We put you on the right path and give you a positive entry into the dating game to build momentum. We use an in-field approach to teach you everything. Because we do this every weekend, we’ve seen every type of guy. We know EXACTLY how to make you feel at ease. How to make this thing normal. The fact is that this stuff isn’t a big deal. It’s ridiculously easy when you know how to do it.
  • We give you an internal shift in your reality to make you feel far more confident with women. If you don’t feel uneasy about approaching women, the reason is probably because it’s simply not part of reality yet. The fastest way to learn this stuff is to SEE it in action and have LIVE EXAMPLES of it EXPLICITLY POINTED OUT to you. When you see this stuff done in real life, it instantly makes sense.
  • We give you feedback and a detailed breakdown of what you’re doing wrong on the spot. There are so many things that you could be doing wrong, and not know it. Social errors that you make repeatedly every day. They are sabotaging you from getting the girls you’ve always wanted. We’ve listed all the social errors that practically every guy makes when trying to meet women. You’re going to learn how to avoid them.
  • We give you an experienced opinion about what you’re doing right and how to build on the strong points of your natural personality.A major purpose of the Bootcamp is to give you an expert opinion on what parts of your personality are helping you and which are holding you back. You need a deep core understanding of what these behaviours mean and how they’re affecting your life.
  • We give you our entire stash of conversation starters, humor, what to say and techniques for building sexual tension. It’s just a natural thing that happens when you go out. You meet a lot of people, and every often you’ll say things that are funny or interesting or just generally tight. And when you remember them, you wind up using them again and again. We give you direct examples of conversation starters, humor, what to talk about and how to build sexual tension. We even help you implement these things.
  • We work with you to create and implement a game plan for meeting women that you like and that you can use whenever you need to use it. The goal of the Bootcamp is that once you’ve completed it, you have a STRUCTURED GAME PLAN to meet girls whenever and wherever you want. That means in malls, cafes, clubs, with friends, by themselves, or even attracting a girl that you already know.

If you can follow simple instructions, watch what we’re doing without randomly wandering off and listen to feedback…

  • A method that allows you to talk to women for hours
  • We demonstrate and explain the sequence of events that needs to take place so that it’s crystal clear in the girl’s mind that you really are the right guy for her
  • The precise understanding of what a pickup is supposed to look like, so that you canmodel and replicate it in the same way that you learned to do everything else that you’re good at
  • Real time incorporation of ten different strains and variations of cocky and funny humor
  • series of brilliant interactive exercises that teach you the skills you need as thoroughly and quickly as possible
  • A fast track course to teach you how to read women’s body language by having direct examples pointed out to you live in the field.
  • Extensive and immediate criticism of the way you use your body language… The speed and way that you move, the confidence that you carry yourself with, and the sexual threat that you pose to the girls you want to meet
  • Powerful ways to use your voice, including projection, pitch, tonality and how the way you speak reflects the social group that you belong to… When you understand how this works you’ll see girls perking up at the sound of your voice even before you’ve completed your first sentence
  • Live demonstration of how to incorporate lifestyle into your interactions with women, so that you can play off of your strong points
  • A pro’s opinion, balancing, and calibration of your personality… (Most guys who start off shy go too far with arrogance, and finding the right balance leads to huge gains in your social skills)
  • A crash course in group Amnesti’s and how people are elevating their status over one another so that you’re always aware and in control of what’s going on
  • The exact timing and recognition of signals that come up when she wants you to kiss her demonstrated to you live in the field
  • How to master every type of approach there is (single girls, two sets, three sets, large sets, daytime, nighttime, guy/girl groups… everything)… Knowing this will leave you prepared and without any doubt of exactly how to approach any girl in any situation
  • The staggering advantages of being able to make the right decisions, knowing exactly what to do, getting the best girls, and enjoying a lifestyle that few men have access to – you’ll have learned this by day 3
  • How to recognize social cues and respond in real life as things come up (when you meet women, the same things come up again and again)
  • How to turn a woman’s attraction switches ON instead of interacting platonically
  • A simple question that you can ask yourself every time you get off track that willinstantly refocus you on exactly what needs to be done to get the girl
  • Dozens of simple adjustments that will multiply the attractive energy that you put out to women and people, in general,
  • Specific things that you can say to give yourself implicit social proof in any situationeven when there are no other girls around
  • A genius little modification that you can make to be 100% sure that women will feel comfortable when you sit down at a table with them
  • We teach you in REAL TIME how to play HARD TO GET and BE THE PRIZE
  • You also learn to be direct and EXPRESS YOUR DESIRES AS A MAN from a position of power, without making it look needy or weird
  • A ton of NON-VERBAL and AUTOMATIC ways to pass women’s tests without having to open your mouth that you can ONLY learn on a program that’s taught live and in the field because they couldn’t be explained any other way
  • A personalized fashion and style makeover. Learn what clothes will work best for you in your lifestyle and in the types of venues that you frequent
  • LIVE examples of WHEN to create emotional connection with a woman… (Live programs are perfect for teaching this because trying to create an emotional connection at the wrong time can KILL her attraction and because we whisper into your ear while you’re talking to the woman, and we demonstrate examples ourselves, it becomes very clear)
  • How to be alpha so that women perceive you as having higher value right from their first impression
  • DEMONSTRATION of how to meet hired guns like hostesses, bartenders, waitresses, store clerks, and other hot women that are at work
  • A FOCUS on venue changing, bouncing, and extracting… When you meet a girl and take her to another venue, it builds a history together and trusts
  • How to use a strong masculine presence 
  • Converting an initially bad approach into a good approach. Learn how to use a girl’s initial resistance to your advantage and build sexual tension
  • Personal feedback on how to make yourself stand out from every other generic guy who approaches her. If you don’t stand out, then the woman has no good reason to take an interest in you
  • Live demonstration of great ways to go for the kiss and get a positive reaction EVERY TIME
  • Practice speaking emotionally with authority, wit and passion

I’m Ready To Take Action…

So Here’s The Deal

Since my time is super valuable, I can’t spend my time training people every weekend.  And because the results we get with this bootcamp are unbelievable! So the question is, are YOU willing to pay $25.000 to get this handled? Back when I was learning this stuff, I paid a lot more to travel all over the world seeking out anyone and everyone who had just a fraction of knowledge and ability to teach it that we’ve tested, filtered out, and condensed to offer you here.

PS! The fact that you’re thinking this hard about it is a sign. You need to come here and LET your life be changed. I mean it.

Mike Geerinck

I’m Ready To Take Action…