Who Is Mike Geerinck

The No Holds barred Marketing Mastermind

Mike has always been someone that liked to play around and didn’t take life too seriously.  He learned how to use this mindset to his advantage.  Becoming a trendsetter in the marketing industry by using unheard-of techniques.

Mike Geerinck presenting

Building An Empire From What You Love

Mike’s main passion is in-depth marketing strategies research.  Finding out what really makes them work and why they sell.

He’s invested many years and resources into learning from the brightest minds in marketing.  Then used the secrets they shared to quickly grow his own empire.

This experience made Mike realize that selling 1 skill wasn’t enough.  That the real secret was learning to simplify everything.  He then realized this was the only way to create a profit.

Mike Geerinck presenting

Successfully Turning Passion Into Profit

This idea inspired him to create a marketing method that was “rinse and repeat” simple. One that made his results predictable and easily repeated. From there he adapted this new marketing strategy to work for any business, in any niche.

This launched his online-consultation program that teaches people to get high-ticket leads and convert them into high-paying clients. 

Today, Mike Geerinck is committed to empowering other entrepreneurs to push their own boundaries and achieve success quickly.

Through Online Programs and Private Coaching, Mike Geerinck has taught hundreds of people from all walks of life:


His products have helped many businesses find the success they really wanted.


He has been part of many million-dollar partnerships and collaborations. Including ones with thought leaders, luminaries, and legends in many different industries.


He has trained thousands of people in over 20+ countries all over the world.


Mike is a highly in-demand speaker and motivator. Inspiring his audiences to take the actions needed in their businesses.

Mike Geerinck is the CEO and founder of MikeGeerinck.com – a global brand that teaches business owners to create high-profits

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