How to Move-On? Follow these 3 empowering tips Now!

How to Move On?

Moving on isn’t easy. Figuring out how to move on from a relationship is one of the most difficult transitions in a person’s life.

Here are three concrete steps to help you on this healing journey:

#1 Dare to be Weak

It’s a natural defense mechanism of humans to act strong whenever in pain. And one way they do so is through pretending. 

But if you want to move-on over a heartbreak, you should not apply that defense mechanism. 

Rather, Dare to be weak! If you're in pain, show it off! Don’t hold back.

It may sound foolish but trust me it’s effective

That way you will release those pain,misery and sadness you are feeling inside gradually and slowly it will be replaced by something more positive emotions. Of course it will take time but the point is every time you throw out something from your inner self, you're making a new space to be filled in.immediately by positive and productive ideas. Be sure to fill in as soon as possible.

#2 Look for the pain’s purpose

“Everything happens for a reason.” 

It is true and this famous quote is very much applicable to your heartbreak.

One way for you to move on is to look beyond the purpose of your pain.

Easier said than done? I know. It is not easy and It will never be.

But you need to be courageous! Condition your heart and mind bit by bit. 

Think about this:

You let yourself fall in love despite the fact that pain may arise.You’re in pain now coz you experience love. Love that gives you happiness and good memories.And not all people have that kind of privilege.

So the pain you're feeling right now is living proof that you are a person capable of loving someone and being loved. 

The bottom line? Be honest. Not all are negative in regards to your pain. See the bright side and eventually you’ll discover things you never realized before -that may be the key for you to go on with life.

#3 Move yourself

Now, you see the pain’s purpose in your life but it will only be worth it if you make a move. 

I understand it’s hard, but you need to push yourself this time. 

Well, you don;t need to make bigger things, even a small one, (as long as it is continuous) is a big help for you to move on.

If you will neglect that pain, it will only keep nagging you up until you make a move to the lesson it brings. So don’t make yourself suffer more.

Act now.!

Make positive moves to bring back your happiness again. You can start by meditating with your old self. Think about what makes you happy prior to the relationship. What are your goals? Passions? Interests?

Then slowly start to organize yourself and make a plan. Rediscover again what truly makes you happy, excited, thrilled and learn to express it on your way.

No one can help you move on if you’re not helping yourself. So the power lies in your hand. It’s up to you if you will use it now or suffer even more.

(Realize that you may well have to repeat these steps several times to release the grief. You cannot "take away" the grief with your thoughts and expectations. The sadness itself indicates whether it is still there or whether it has dried up. Trust that whatever comes up must come up.)

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