The true wealth lesson I learned is to never be poor again

Buying stuff is fun! And the logic is… 

People buy with emotions, and that emotions wanders everywhere.

They see something and they want to have it. But for what reason?

To show-off? Or because it’s a need?


Here’s a lesson I added to my life that actually changed my perception completely.

When I see something or there’s an opportunity to buy something, I think twice and ask myself:

“Do I really need this”?

Most of the time, my answer is “NO”.

Do I need soda for my visits? “NO”.

Do I need a TV? “NO”

Do I need another phone or the newest one? “NO” my current phone is still working though.

Do I need a new laptop with a certain feature? “NO”.


The point? Never think you need something, rather, think about how you can live without it.

You have probably never used a certain feature, or it won’t change your life.

so, why do you need it? That new version of the phone or laptop?

Would it improve your life?

Would the investment return if you buy that?

Do you really need something?

Do you really need a new car?

 When your answer is NO, then don’t spend it!

Why don’t you save that money and spend it on something that would return in the future?

Like: Invest it in your business or to yourself.

These are lots of best investments someone can make today.


Once I added this idea into my life, I never spent any money anymore without thinking twice.

I rather sit on my money than spending it now.

It’s something that once you understand will become an easy habit.


The reason we buy is because we want to show-off or we just want it.

Once we have a certain amount of money we think “now I can do this and buy this” etc… 

But before you know it, you’re broke again.

Be aware of what and where you spend your money on. Think twice.


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